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            Epidemic situation and foreign trade need intensive cultivation

            Publisher:农达生化Release time:2020-06-05
            abstract: After the outbreak, in the context of the world economic downturn, the pesticide industry can not be alone. In recent years, agricultural science and technology have made continuous progress. With the application of big data in climate and the develo

            After the outbreak, in the context of the world economic downturn, the pesticide industry can not be alone.
            In recent years, agricultural science and technology have made continuous progress. With the application of big data in climate and the development of biotechnology in seed industry, agricultural production has been bumper year after year. The pesticide industry is less important, but not unimportant. The sufficient supply of agricultural products, the stability or even a small decline in food prices have reduced the input of agricultural production. With the application of new technology, the input of pesticide has been reduced a lot. In the past three years, the transnational giants of traditional pesticide market have completed the merger and reorganization, concentrated their advantages and strength, and still firmly controlled the overall pesticide market.
            In the first three months, apart from the alarming epidemic situation, there are also international oil prices. Oil is the blood of industry and the most upstream raw material of pesticide products. The collapse of crude oil price, after a period of transmission, will also be transmitted to the cost side, but also to the sales side. All of these have put forward new challenges to the operators of various companies in the future ups and downs of the market, and it has become a new topic to grasp the market.
            Under the global epidemic, many countries and regions have been blocked, which brings great resistance to the global economy. As a pesticide trader, we began to think about how to survive in adversity? How to turn over the plate against the wind? Therefore, intensive cultivation has become an important breakthrough point in the market.
            Sales and production were good in the first quarter. The outbreak of novel coronavirus in the beginning of the new year led to the global economic downturn. However, the outbreak of the India outbreak is gradually changing the supply pattern of pesticides. Overseas customers are worried that due to the shortage of raw material supply and domestic start-up, the delivery time will be affected. In the first quarter, overseas customers are in a positive purchasing state. For orders in hand, we follow the principle of "quick signing, quick delivery and quick payment back" to effectively improve orders.
            The large-scale resumption of work and production highlights the pressure of competition. Since mid April, the domestic epidemic has stabilized, and the factory has started to resume production on a large scale. As a result, the product price has gradually declined, and the competitive pressure of each factory has become prominent.
            Crude oil prices fell and the international currency depreciated. The market tends to be stable and customers gradually stabilize. In the third and fourth quarters, both production and sales will face new challenges.
            Cultivate internal skill and improve product quality in an all-round way. Enterprises should adjust their strategies in key stages, cultivate their internal skills, and put the improvement of product quality in the first place.
            Work time and intensity, fully adapt to the overseas market. Due to the epidemic situation, the mode of communication with overseas customers has also been changed. From the previous face-to-face negotiation in front of the procurement, exhibition communication, to frequent e-mail, teleconference and other modes, more working hours and intensity have been increased for business personnel.
            Team operation, determine the future development plan. Build brand sales, build team sales awareness and determine future development plan.
            Differentiated services, innovative products and new preparations. Due to the change of the international market, we began to look for differentiated products suitable for the market, old dosage forms new compounding, new dosage forms old products.
            So, how to avoid risks?
            1. Strengthen communication with the buyer, evaluate the impact of local epidemic on delivery, sales and payment, and do a good job in collection tracking.
            2. Carefully accept new orders, carry out credit investigation in advance, and evaluate the actual operation of the Buyer under the influence of the epidemic.
            3. Actively use export risk control tools to prevent the risk of rejection and default of overseas customers under the background of "closure".
            4. Make financing arrangements in advance, maintain certain capital liquidity, and avoid capital occupation caused by the buyer's delayed performance of debt.
            Under the wind of epidemic situation and the change of pesticide market, the danger and opportunity always coexist. Overcoming the danger is the opportunity. Let's work together to "cultivate new opportunities" and "open a new situation".

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