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            Tillering, Root Promotion, Flourishing Control, Lodging Resistance, Large Ear, Full Grain, Yield Increase and Income Increase
            Specification: (30g + 30g) Bag * 150 Bag / Box Formula: Suspension Agent + Water Agent
            Product description:
            This product is an endogenous plant growth regulator. It can inhibit cell elongation and the biosynthesis of gibberellin. Delaying vegetative growth, Dwarfing and compact plant type can increase chlorophyll content and leaf assimilation ability. It can inhibit the vertical and horizontal growth of fruit branches. The leaf color becomes darker, the vertical and horizontal growth slows down and the plant type is compact 3-6 days after the application of pesticides, so as to prevent excessive growth, reduce the falling off of flowers and fruits, and increase the yield obviously. At the same time, silicon, boron, zinc, molybdenum and other medium and trace elements are added. And it has the following functional characteristics:
            1. Root system is developed, root activity is strong, absorptive capacity is strong, leaf color is thick green, increase chlorophyll content, improve photosynthesis efficiency.
            2. Supplementation of various medium and trace elements, fast absorption, high utilization rate and remarkable increase in production.
            3. Improving the stress resistance of crops and enhancing the ability of disease resistance and lodging resistance.

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