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            Ophiopogon japonicus, onion orchid, turf grass, broadleaf and sedge weeds
            Applicable lawn species:
            Ophiopogon japonicus, onion orchid, turf grass.
            The object of prevention:
            Efficient control of most grasses, broad-leaved weeds and Cyperaceae weeds below 9 leaves.
            Conditions of use:
            Drug application one day after watering has great effect on soil moisture and poor effect on drought.
            Usage and dosage:
            Stem and leaf treatment. Secondary dilution method is adopted, that is, a small amount of water is used to dissolve the agent, and then mother liquor is made into mother liquor, and then the mother liquor is added with enough water. Spray 330 square meters evenly with 50 grams of water and 10-15 kg of water. Spray should be meticulous and thoughtful, and do not spray or spray.
            Matters needing attention:
            1. Please read the product instructions carefully before use. The company is only responsible for the quality of the product. The manufacturer does not bear any responsibility for the loss caused by improper use of technology and weather.
            2. It is strictly forbidden to increase or decrease the dosage of drugs at will. Store in a cool and dry place.
            3. This product has good effect under high temperature and humidity. If the lawn is thin, it should be reduced in quantity and forbidden in drought. It is forbidden to use in continuous rainy and rainy weather.
            4. The product can not be used just transplanted, but can not be used until the seedlings are fully returned to normal growth.
            5. The application requires windless sunny days or rainless cloudy days, July-August should avoid high temperature at noon.

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